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The Insanity of Gun Control Fanatics


Lone Star Veteran
Nov 27, 2008
Seattle-ish, Washington, USA
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Task Force 16 wrote:
OK OK OK, back to the OP.

How in the hell can a kid terrorize the others with a cap gun? :banghead:
If the "others" were raised in the same environment of fear as normal anti-gunners, it would be very easy to terrorize them with a picture of a gun. Or by simply talking about guns.

Shouldn't the question be, can his actions be considered to warrant alarm by a reasonable person? Their irrational fear shouldn't affect anyone but themselves.


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Aug 29, 2008
ParkHills, Missouri, USA
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I guess technically we'd have to meet little johnny, and his parents to understand the big picture of the kids demeanor, the parents attitude towards the educational system, and respect for others.. as for the Officers and their superiors that initiated this attack on the boy and his family, they surely leave a lot to be desired when the term (to protect and serve ) is spoken.. Hopefully all involved will be able to spruce up their resumes, and we'll see something in the headlines coveringthe award ceramony witha picture ofthe little kid face down with some 400# county sheriff standing over him with his boot on the little guys neck pinning him to the ground with said weapon laying just out of reach of the little killers extended arm, and the mother kneeling beside the above mentioned Rambo begging and pleading for her sons release, with the father in the background struggling to free himself from 3 or 4 cops to get to his son.. and on the other side of the group have the school faculty jumping up and down cheering waving a flag with a sort of Nazi insignia on it..

Now do we have an artist on board that can get in touch with the editor of this hometown paper with the one sided view?? or maybe print up a bunch of fliers with this picture on it and tack one to every light pole in this town..that oughta make em feel real big, and bring a sooting sigh of calmness and security over the community..