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The Meaning of Constitution and Law...


Aug 14, 2019
Premeditation stated on a public forum, usable by prosecutors et al.

Ya know HLB when ya wear the chip on your shoulder...did it ever occur to you in hindsight that one encounter eh anybody could be anybody’s fault but NUMEROUS encounters from the “infamous” THEY should lend credence that perhaps, just perhaps, THEY might not be totally responsible for the encounters you are seeking martyrdom over!

But espoused premeditated violence against LE might sorely affect your expectations during/after your next encounter with THEM.
One must not fear the act of living a life of integrity. Any time two parties who disagree meet both parties have the opportunity to withdraw and not force themselves on the other party. Here we arrive at the overwhelming presence of our armed authorities and the underwhelming shadow of our armed citizens. Many times the authorities have overreached the Law and Constitution. I can not say that for the typical Open Carry or Concealed Carry citizen.