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Visiting rural eastern Oregon for the eclipse


Founder's Club Member
Sep 17, 2007
Sebastopol, California, USA
I am from California. I will be visiting Grant County Oregon to view the eclipse. Predictions are that a million people will be visiting Oregon, and 50,000 will be visiting Grant County. One never knows how many crazies will be coming along with that many people. Carrying for self-defense seems prudent.

I have read the pamphlet posted in this Oregon forum, and the Oregon information over at handgunlaw.us.

I plan to dispersed camp in the National Forest.

It would appear that I am good to go open carrying in the National Forests, also in unincorporated county territory. But cities can pass their own open carry bans. Is there an online resource where I can see if the cities I plan to visit have such bans? I doubt I will have a problem, as Grant County is very rural, and pro-gun, but I want to be sure.

Also, it seems I cannot carry in my car? I mean, I have to lock up my gun in my car? But once parked, and in my cab-over camper, it's legal to carry again. If anyone can confirm of correct me, please advise.