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Was Sunday an Open Carry Day?


Apr 10, 2007
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seriously, was it? i ran into at least 5 guys who were carrying, and 4 of them doing so openly, all around town from Eynon, to Taylor, to Scranton. and not a single one of them is a member here, at that. i had my daughter today, and we went all over. ironically, i was concealed all day. i always do when i have my daughter. well, when i remember to. i do try, only because she's scared of the police, deeply. that OCB thing was a bigger deal to her than any of the grownups, i think.

still, i can't remember i ran into someone OCing around here, and i've never ran into that many people who were in a single day, other than our meetups. so what's up? did y'all plan something, and neglect to tell me? you bastards.

guy #1 - a vendor at a flea market, carrying an R&G revolver. never heard of R&G; it looked like a snub snosed K-frame made of iron.

guy #2 - a senior gentleman, carrying a Ruger Redhawk in leather holster, with an exotic hide trim.

guy #3. as i was driving, a guy walking by carrying a Glock in a SERPA.

guy #4 - a younger guy, with his 2 or 3 year old son, in McDade Park. you know, the one that has signs that violate preemption? i noticed him when some woman behind me hissed, "look at that. what an asshole, bringing a gun into a park." i thought she was talking about me, but i was concealed, so i asked her, "who?"

"him, in the black shirt and jean shorts."

there he was, playing with his son. i turned to her and said, "that makes two of us," and i strolled over to him. i struck up a conversation with him, until his son kept yelling "fish! FISH!" he excused himself, and got his son, and said he was going over to the pond; would i care to join them?

"looks like my girl's made a friend or two, so i guess i'll stay," i said, pointing to my daughter. i gave him the webdress here, so hopefully, Jeff, i'll see you here.

oh, and he had an XDm in .40S&W, in some kind of kydex holster.