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Recent content by deepdiver

  1. deepdiver

    Scott Adams (creator of Dilbert) has some interesting thoughts on gun control

    http://blog.dilbert.com/post/146307088451/why-gun-control-cant-be-solved-in-the-usa The "take away" quote that I have seen on some gun blogs that led me to seek out the full article: "So it seems to me that gun control can’t be solved because Democrats are using guns to kill each other – and...
  2. deepdiver

    St. Louis Zoo Granted TRO against OC/CC Carry

    http://stlouis.cbslocal.com/2015/06/...-st-louis-zoo/ Links to the TRO/Petition for TRO and to Petition for Permanent Injunction from above story (for convenience) https://cbsstlouis.files.wordpress.c...o-attached.pdf https://cbsstlouis.files.wordpress.c...d-petition.pdf Pretty broad...
  3. deepdiver

    What will your handgun do against an active shooter? We found out in Garland...

    I found Bob Owens write up of the more tactical aspects (for lack of a better term) of the would-be, now DRT, terrorists in Garland, TX interesting. Two shooters armed with carbines taken out in 15 seconds by one trained (presumably OC) shooter with a Glock 45 acp starting at about 20 yard...
  4. deepdiver

    OC Report - Cape Girardeau area

    Well, I've certainly been enjoying the statutory change negating the City of Cape Girardeau's OC ban [eta: for those of us with CCW]. From the time it passed until recently I was mostly CC simply because of the weather and having on coats or sweaters that naturally concealed. But with the advent...
  5. deepdiver

    Mardi Gras in Soulard

    We have friends in Soulard who host an annual Mardi Gras event at their home, but everyone ventures out to the parade and to the blocked off street party area. Previous years this has been a time I tend to imbibe somewhat, um, enthusiastically so I don't carry. However, I have noticed that...
  6. deepdiver

    Amendment 5 Legal Challenge Files

    http://www.stltoday.com/news/state-and-regional/missouri/opponents-challenge-missouri-gun-rights-measure/article_d27bace2-e367-5a8d-9a91-b8f48f7ee1f7.html Here we go again .... Now a few people with deep pockets are going to see if they can find one judge willing to overturn the will of 61% of...
  7. deepdiver

    Need info to help friend of friend re: OC incident

    I know nothing more than what I am posting below. I received the below in an email from a friend. First thing I thought of was OCDO obviously and the numerous knowledgeable folks I have talked to over the years. Hoping someone on here can advise as to local resources for them:
  8. deepdiver

    Three arrested for open carry of handguns at mall in Cape Girardeau

    Hhhmmm. Bad thing not to know. Missouri's open carry patchwork being determined by municipal ordinance was cemented in case law as a result of an appeal against a conviction for violating Cape Girardeau's open carry law. It is the only place OC is illegal in the county (unless something has...
  9. deepdiver

    Trying to find info on pre-WWII Rohm RG3 blank pistol for grandmother

    I'm trying to find some info but as it is a blank/tear gas gun it isn't in any of my pistol guides and much net searching finds info on later models and reproductions but almost nothing about pre-WWII versions. Here's the story - any help will be appreciated: My wiife's grandfather died a few...
  10. deepdiver

    Leather or linie holster for Springfield Armory Lightweight Operator (1911 w/rail)

    So I just made a deal to buy a barely used, Springfield Armory Lightweight Operator (full size 1911 w/rail) so now I have to do my least favorite part of carrying - find a new holster. Unfortunately I live in a city that has an ordinance against OC (no preemption for OC in MO). Furthermore...
  11. deepdiver

    Sweet Freedom - OC around Morehead, Cave Run Twin Knobs Campground

    imported post Well, my family has been in Rowan County for 200 some odd years since my several great grandfathers ago was patented 1,000 acres out of the KY wilderness in lieu of a pension for his service in the Revolutionary War. We still have a house and some acreage up the holler that was...
  12. deepdiver

    No problems in Jackson @ Walmart & getting gas

    imported post Had to go over to the Sheriff's office in Jackson today to renew my CCW. Because of work things today was wearing slacks, dress shirt & tie. Had a sports coat in the car but left it there because it was pretty warm. Was carrying XD45 IWB in a Minotaur holster. In MO you can't...
  13. deepdiver

    Military recruiter killed and another injured - suspect in custody

    imported post I think this matter bears watching: http://www.google.com/hostednews/ap/article/ALeqM5gQACNshVFYt6M9CDykHq6DKqPhiwD98I121O0 Military recruiter killed in Ark shooting 6 hours ago LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) — One Army recruiter was killed Monday and a second was wounded in a...
  14. deepdiver


    imported post I didn't see this posted anywhere and didn't find it in a forum search of "Holder" but you all know how well the search function in Wow BB works: SAF SUES ERIC HOLDER OVER GUN RIGHTS OF NON-RESIDENT AMERICAN CITIZENS For Immediate Release: 3/30/2009 BELLEVUE, WA – The...
  15. deepdiver

    19th Century cleaning/lubing gun gear questions

    imported post So I'm sitting here watching The Good, The Bad and The Ugly while reading the forum and there is a scene where Eastwood cleans his Colt 1851 Navy. He is using what looks like a nylon bore brush with the bristles held in place by twisted wire just like modern ones. He just uses the...