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Constitutional Carry


Jul 5, 2006
Wonder why it was watered down to residents only?

Usually such requirements are to gain the last few votes needed to pass the bill. Some legislators worry about other States not properly punishing serious crime and letting dangerous criminals continue to possess guns. Some worry that residents of other States lack the same cultural upbringing in gun safety. Some just won't want to open the door too widely all at once.

I predict in a few years that residency requirements to carry without a permit will be removed in the various States that have imposed this limitation...one way or another.

Politics is the art of the possible. A good bill passed into law is better than a perfect bill that fails to become law. As long as we head in the general direction, a little serpentining is not unexpected nor overly problematic.

Congrats to North Dakota. Every State that does this makes it a little easier for the States that follow.