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Unintended consequence?


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Dec 29, 2008
People believe what they hear. The truth doesn't matter if they don't hear it, can't understand it, or don't believe it.

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I don't believe what I hear. I believe what I discover. I guess that's why I'm on this forum instead of that one, eh?
well, lets see stealthy, you have been provided three DIFFERENT state GRoot entities who are apparently, by their displayed behaviours, aggressively against those who OC. including one which banned, sorry permanently BANNED, an august member of this site for questioning their comments. in NC, this aggressive behaviour in the legislature against NC OCers for several years, texas' behaviour against OC is just manifesting itself sooooooo

in the gentlest way i can say this....try not to let the sand clog your nasal cavities while stating: "WHAT PROBLEM?"


Ok, let my clarify... The supposed problem proposed by the "article" and by rando's on Cotton's board are not problems. So far as the problem of Cotton and the mindless drones that worship him, this is nothing new, nothing noteworthy, nothing unexpected, nothing shocking... Cotton has been _______ for years. His board has been ________ for years. The Trace has always been _________. Guess what? Tomorrow, they still will be. Shall we post again tomorrow about these "problems" as if they are news?

If nothing else, I hope that OP understands from the responses here that the problem is indeed with 1) Cotton and followers on that message board and 2) The Trace's version of "journalism." The towns will not be painted with 30.0X signs, and those that are screaming that the sky is falling are completely delusional.
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